Our Human Resources Policy

To develop systems that will enable us to achieve our corporate goals and objectives, to bring talented human resources suitable for the company’s culture and values to our company, to increase the commitment and motivation of our employees by investing in their development.

ARTI’s core HR-targeted competencies are; is to adopt a structure that is customer and quality oriented, focused on continuous development and learning, adapting to change, sharing knowledge and ideas and creating synergy.

 You can apply for positions opened at ARTI, internship opportunities and/or “General Application” with your resume, which you will send to the “” e-mail account.


A Fair Monthly Income

There is a seniority system in which everyone is evaluated only on the basis of their experience, educational knowledge and competencies. And a seniority/premium system is applied according to performance.

Weekend Holiday

Does not work on weekends.


We provide a hot home meal from our rich open buffet every noon.

Health Insurance

All of our employees are provided with a valid private health insurance for inpatient treatment at the end of the 2-month trial period.


Holidays, Christmas, etc. chocolates, checks, gifts, etc. on special occasions. is given.

Happy Hour

On the last Friday of every month, at 16.00, a break is given and the event is held.

Family Environment

We are a sharing-oriented family company away from egos.

Birthday Leave

Employees can use 1 day of additional paid leave as birthday leave.

Flexible Hours

Our White Collar personnel. Can freely adjust their weekly working hours except between 10.00-15.30

Roadside Assistance

You can benefit from monthly roadside assistance or Technopark services.

Education Support

We support training requests in order to support continuous development.

Graduate Support

We grant 21 days of additional paid leave for a total of 7 courses for postgraduate students.

Additional Annual Leave

In addition to the annual leave earned by the personnel at the beginning of each year, the days remaining between the holidays are suspended and announced to the personnel.

Company Events

Collective company events are held twice a year. One of them is a holiday with accommodation.

Internship Opportunities

The Qualities We are Looking for in Trainee/ New Graduate Candidates:

3 of the Electrical-Electronics, Electronic Communication Engineering or related departments of universities. or 4.

If you reside in Ankara,

If you want to work as a candidate engineer for the compulsory long-term internship of the university or in the spare time of your university education.

Here are our expectations from you:

1) Interested in power electronics,
2)You have designed or are trying to do any topology of power converters (AA-DA, DA-DA),
3)Having the ability to learn/research/find solutions on your own using foreign resources,
4) Trying to experience development environments for circuit design and simulation (Altium Designer, Pspice, Ltspice etc.),
5) You are interested in the hardware and magnetic design of the power converter circuits,
6)Your willingness to study and learn about control strategies, algorithms and embedded software of transducer circuits.

The first item of the above topics suits me, if you say I can’t meet the other items, your CV send it to your address, let’s complete it together.






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