PDPL Clarification Text

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement explains the provisions regarding data collection and use practices for the ARTI website, services and products. By accessing this website, you are deemed to have accepted in advance the terms and conditions for information collection and use as described in this Privacy Statement. Unless otherwise stated in this statement, your personal information that you provide on the website will not be shared outside of ARTI without your permission. ARTI reserves the right to amend, renew or delete any part of the Privacy Statement without notice.

ARTI Website

All rights of all written, pictorial, audio, visual and electronic materials published on the ARTI website and whose copyright and other intellectual and industrial property rights belong to ARTI and all kinds of identification marks such as logos are reserved, and the legal responsibility that may arise as a result of copying, duplicating or using these materials in any way without the written consent of ARTI belongs to the violating user. Any content on the ARTI website is provided for promotional and informational purposes only and no commitment is made regarding the accuracy or currency of the information published. The content of the website may be changed or deleted by ARTI when deemed necessary. The user accepts that he/she is responsible for all errors and negativities that may occur in his/her system as a result of using the ARTI website. In case of detection of any attack on the ARTI website, ARTI has the right to investigate the user’s identity information and notify the legal authorities. Ankara courts and enforcement offices will be authorized to resolve disputes that may arise between users and ARTI, and the disputes will be resolved in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Türkiye.

Collection of Your Personal Information

During the use of the ARTI website, the Information Request Form available for your use to request information about ARTI products and services, the Customer Complaint Form that makes it easy for you to submit all kinds of complaints to ARTI, and the information we need to identify you as a person allowing us to contact you in order to provide services to you (personal information) may include information about your name, surname, profession, name of your company or organization, e-mail address, telephone, address, website and job description. In the Career section of the ARTI website, the CV sent by the user who wants to apply for current job opportunities is stored for evaluation in the ARTI database and the information contained is not shared with third parties. The use of the website provides the opportunity to communicate with ARTI employees to share information and news about products and related technologies.

Use of Your Personal Information

The personal information collected on the website is used to provide the services you have requested or authorized or to fulfill the transactions. ARTI may use personal information to support these uses, to provide more effective service to its customers, to improve the Website and other related ARTI products or services, or to customize the Website according to your specific preferences and interests. We may use your personal information to provide important information about the products or services you are using, including critical updates and notifications. The information of users visiting ARTI websites is followed up in order to provide a better service. The information obtained can be used for surveys, invitations, advertisements, etc. with the aim of enriching and improving our customer relations, provided that the principles of confidentiality are adhered to. As a result of these processes, you agree to be contacted via the contact information that you provide. ARTI may disclose your personal information when requested as a legal obligation or when it is convinced in good faith that it is necessary (a) to comply with legal requirements or to comply with legal proceedings notified to ARTI or the Website; (b) to protect and defend the rights and property of ARTI; and (c) to take action in an emergency in terms of the safety of ARTI employees or agents, users of ARTI products or the public.