using the latest generation technologies in ARTI, highly efficient;

  • AC/DC Power Supplies,
  • DC/DC Converters and
  • DC/AC Invert

design studies can be carried out.

ARTI makes its traceable and reliable with its analog and digital closed-loop control algorithms.


ARTI designs power distribution units with high output power values, which are controlled by mechanical and electronically switched systems. Power distribution units produced;

  • Remote Monitoring over Ethernet and Serial Communication Connection
  • Local Monitoring on the LCD Screen
  • Software Upgrade via Maintenance Connector (Ethernet and Serial Communication)

  • Log Keeping and Log Managemente
  • Working in Wide Temperature Range (-40°C / +85°C)
  • Ability to Perform Lean or Condensed On-Device Testing
  • Digital / Analogue Data Monitoring
  • Ability to Change Configuration Without Revision of Source Code

It stands out with its features. ARTI contributes to the development of our country’s defense industry with many power distribution units that it completes the design, production and delivery processes of.


By connecting the battery cells in series or in parallel within ARTI, the original battery pack design and packaging with the desired voltage and current values is carried out.

ARTI designs battery management systems that monitor and manage the charge and discharge conditions, temperature, voltage and current parameters of the battery packs it has designed or requested. With the designed battery management systems, the health and life parameters of the battery pack can be calculated and transmitted via the communication infrastructure.


ARTI develops unique mechanical designs for the units it designs. In the mechanical design phase; The mechanical properties that reveal the function, color, size, performance and visuality of the product are determined by using high technology opportunities.

The designs are evaluated in computer aided design environments (Catia V5 PLM and Solidworks Proffesional) and produced in accordance with the ‘MIL-STD-810’ standard.


ARTI plans the in-unit cabling layout with the ‘PTC Creo’ computer-aided design environment for the units it designs. ARTI, which attaches importance to the quality of the products produced, ensures integrity in mass production in high volumes.


ARTI, units designed within its body and communication developed for special purposes, develops embedded software designs that work on a wide range of embedded systems such as defense and aerospace applications and enable these systems to perform the tasks they are responsible for. In addition to this ARTI also develops interface software designs that act as a communication channel between the user and the device.

ARTI develops the software of its smart devices designed for various military and industrial applications for ARM core processors using embedded Linux operating system or for DSP and MCUs of Texas Instruments and Microchip companies.

In ARTI, for use in military applications, User interface software running on a computer or embedded processor and the graphics of these software are designed.


ARTI carries out analog and digital circuit designs on signal and data management. Considering the high stability, the progressive designs are transferred to the printed circuit boards by the expert team of the ARTI family and tested.