SHY-150 Audio Volume Amplifier and EKB-A1 Electronic Control Unit

SHY-150 Audio Volume Amplifier and EKB-A1 Electronic Control Unit

The sound volume amplification system, which has been developed to be used in outdoor, consists of a sound signal amplifier and the electronic control unit used to manage it.

Powered by 28V DC voltage, SHY-150 can drive two 8ohm 75W speakers in the frequency range of 20Hz-16kHz.

SHY-150 can play pre-recorded sound files on its own according to a specific scenario and desired sound volume value, as well as files sent to it via the connecting cable via EKB-A1.

Ethernet infrastructure is used for communication between SHY-150 and EKB-A1. Connection cable length can be increased up to 100 meters allowed by the Ethernet standard.

EKB-A1 provides comfortable use with its ergonomics, LCD screen and keypad.

EKB-A1 receives its power supply from SHY-150 via the connecting cable.

It can receive digital audio files in MP3 and WAV format via external USB memory, and record analog audio signals from the microphone and external analog input.

In this way, EKB-A1 can store audio files with a total length of 65 minutes in its memory.

EKB-A1 software updates can be made via USB memory.

SHY-150 and EKB-A1 are qualified to military standards.


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