115 VAC (400 Hz) Input 28 VDC (1200 W) Output Power Converter Unit

115 VAC (400 Hz) Input 28 VDC (1200 W) Output Power Converter Unit

Power Converter Unit: It converts the 3-phase 115 VAC/400 Hz alternating current it receives from the platform to 28 V direct current and transmits it to the units connected to its output through two separate channels that can be switched independently by providing the necessary protections. The Power Converter Unit can also transfer the AC power supply to the output as two channels in accordance with the discrete input signals. The Power Converter Unit has an output power of 1.2 kilo-watts and has a minimum efficiency of 88%. There is no fan inside the converter, cooling is provided by transmission. Power Converter Unit can also operate with 270 VDC input voltage besides 3 phase AC voltage. In case of power cuts, the unit can deliver 5 amps of 28 VDC output voltage from the first DC output channel for 50 ms. The converter unit can be controlled and commanded externally via the RS-485 interface.


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