28 VDC (10kW) Anti Drone System Power Distribution Unit

28 VDC (10kW) Anti Drone System Power Distribution Unit

GKDB-AO100-028-14 power distribution unit, which has been developed to be used in outdoor, distributes the 28V DC voltage it receives from the source to its outputs in a controlled way.

It has 14 28V DC outputs with a total power of 10kW.

With two Ethernet and one RS422 interface, functions such as turning the outputs on and off can be managed remotely.

It can provide remote information about the operating status such as the positions of the circuit breakers, input voltage, output voltage and current drawn from the outputs.

When not remotely managed, it can operate optionally programmable startup and protection scenarios.

GKDB-AO100-028-14 is suitable for use on fixed, marine and land vehicles and is qualified according to relevant military standards for land platforms.


Input Features:

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